Ryan’s Bar Navan Food Menu

At Ryan’s Bar Navan we care about the food we serve and where it comes from. We believe in sourcing fresh ingredients from Irish suppliers, treating them with care, and giving you, our valued customer, simple flavorful food at a fair price.
We respect the seasons and the abundance of great food that nature provides. Each month at Ryan’s we will showcase what’s best in season with our “Specials”.

All the dishes are made in-house, from scratch by our talented chefs! The bread and desserts are made fresh every morning by Ryan’s in-house bakers. We source all our ingredients locally. We think this is very important for two main reasons; ensuring fresh ingredients and supporting other local businesses.

Food is served from 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday. Our menu includes special dishes that change monthly and award-winning seafood chowder. Have a look at our menu to see the delicious dishes we have to offer. All allergens are referred to on the menu. Ryan’s Bar is renowned for serving up the Best Lunch in Navan… Try it for yourself!

Ryan’s Bar Navan are proud members of the ‘Boyne Valley Food Group’.

Ryan’s Bar Lunch Menu

Soup of the day (see blackboard) €5.00
Seafood Chowder (Tues – Fri) €8.00

Crispy Bacon Chops
Casey’s black pudding & apple nuggets, colcannon potato cakes, cider apple sauce & poached egg
Allergens 6,7,9,11,13

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta
Served with free range McGuinness poached eggs, lemon butter sauce, homemade chips, houseslaw & topped with smoked salmon
Allergens 5,6,7,8,13

Super Green Free Range Omelette
With kale, spinach, confit tomato, Greek feta cheese vitality slaw & salad.
Allergens 7,11

Penne Pasta
Served with a spicy cream sauce, Cajun chicken and garlic toasts.
Allergens 6,7,14

Hot Fish & Homemade Chip Salad
Served with a lemon butter sauce
Allergens 6,7,8

Sweet Potato & Quinoa Fritters
Served with courgette noodle salad & avocado lime dressing
Allergens V, GF, DF

Wooded Pig Chorizo Tart
Tomato, basil & ricotta cheese tart with vitality slaw, side salad & chips
Allergens 6,7

Pan-Fried Superfood Sea Trout Salad
With broccoli, tabbouleh, mango salsa & avocado dressing
Allergens: 10, GF

Sweet Potato & Clare Island Salmon Fishcakes
Mango salsa, tartare crème fraiche, courgette leek & pea cream & chips
Allergens: 3,6,7

Warm Chicken Caesar Salad
Free range chicken, crispy bacon, garlic croutons drizzled with house dressing
& parmesan.

Allergens: 1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14

Chicken Fajitas
‘Pico de Gallo’ avocado salsa, warm tortillas and sour cream
Allergens 6,7,8,9,13

Ryan’s Steak Brushetta
Sweet & sour onions, garlic butter, rubyslaw & house chips
Allergens 6,7,8,9,11,13

Ryan’s Signature Beef Burger
Served on brioche bun with bacon, cheese, iceberg lettuce & homemade fries
Allergens 6,7,11

Wholemeal Pasta
In a tomato & basil sauce, roasted peppers, broccoli & parmesan shavings
Allergens 6,7,14


Served with rubyslaw & homemade chips

Cajun chicken, 15 fields cheddar Ryan’s apple chutney.
Allergens: 6, 7, 9, 13

Boyne valley blue goat’s cheese, candied pecans, pear & port relish.
Allergens: 5, 6, 7, 9, 13

Wexford brie, crispy bacon, Ryan’s relish, roasted tomatoes
Allergens: 6, 7, 9, 13

Traditional Open Sandwiches €8.50

(Brown / Soda Homemade Bread)

Baked ham, cheddar, mustard mayo, Ryan’s relish & rubyslaw
Allergens 6, 7, 9, 11, 13

Chicken, savoury stuffing, lemon mayo, roasted tomatoes & rubyslaw
Allergens 6, 7, 9, 11, 13

15 Fields cheddar, apple, candied walnuts, Ryan’s chutney & rubyslaw
Allergens 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13

Build your own sandwich €5.00

Honey roasted ham / Chicken / Mature Cheddar / Egg Salad

Toasted or Plain

Add a cup of soup or homemade chips for €3.00

Add a mug of delicious homemade soup or a portion of homemade chips for an extra €3.00

Food Allergen Index

1 & 2. Shellfish.(Shrimp/Prawn/Crab/Crayfish/Lobster/Clams/Cockles/Mussels/Octopus/Oysters/Snails/Squid or by product)
3. Fish.
4. Peanuts.
5. Nuts.
6. Cereal containing gluten.
7. Dairy.
8. Soya.
9. Sulphur dioxide.
10. Sesame seeds.
11. Eggs.
12. Celery and Celeriac.
13. Mustard.
14. Lupins